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BBQ's and Summer Time Fun.

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May 25, 2012

The firey taste of summer is here and its time to take your party outdoors.  Don't forget the water balloons, badminton rackets, and other outdoor pastimes.  And if your party is wedding related, outdoor soirees mixed with the right foods and refreshing bitings and drinks are the best way to keep the social atmosphere alive.

Refreshing Drinks
When it comes to what you cool your guests off, nothing comes close to a fruit filled cocktail.  Even a refreshing lemonade or iced tea bars are very popular.  Remember, your guest will enjoy the spicy dishes you provide, but they need to remain cool and refreshed at all times.

Cool Appetizers
Shrimp cocktails on ice or hors d'oeuvres served with chilled guacamole can be great starters for your guests and bitings that they can continue to eat during your party.

Sizzling Entree Selections
It's time to get on the grill and make sure that your balance the spices with fruity flavors to add more flair.  Chili-lime on beef or chicken is always a popular combination.  Mixing in mandarin orange and raspberry vinaigrette can also help the flazors emerge through the food.

Your closer should be known from the beginning.  You want your guests to save some room and also be wowwed by your excellent selections.  With the colors and tastes of summertime desserts being so vivid, it's a great opportunity for you display your desserts as a centerpiece for your party.

If you are looking planning your outdoor party, let Cayenne Caterers help you today!

Hors D'oeuvres - Hot, Room Temperature, and Stationary ServicesMain Courses - Four main dinner courses to serve any appetiteDesserts - The perfect treat to complete your meal

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The firey taste of summer is here and its time to take your party outside. Outdoor soirees mixed with the right foods and refreshing bitings and drinks are the best way to keep the social atmosphere alive.
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